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Tina's Glaze and Paint

In cooperation with ICO, I am offering a variety of ocarina surface finishing and repair services. I am located in Florida, U.S.A. If you're curious about my background as an artist and ocarina player, see my 'about me' page. Read about my services below and contact me with questions.


  • Solid, gloss, and matte glazes
  • Multi-dimensional and speckled glazes
  • Simple designs in over and under glaze
  • Mottled painted designs
  • Lots of other possibilities... view photo gallery



Ocarina Finishing and Repair - Four Basic Services


1) Immediate Sale.  In currently available ocarinas, you can view and order glazed ocarinas currently in stock, with shipping from Florida, U.S.A. These are new ocarinas, obtained directly from Song Wei after which I did final tuning and glazing. 


2) Custom Ordering a New Ocarina. If you're interested in one of Song Wei's standard ocarinas done in a custom finish, I keep a small stock of unfinished ocarinas to be custom glazed or painted. See my customizations page for a list of the ocarinas currently available for custom finishing at my home in Florida. If the ocarina model you're interested in isn't listed on the customizations page, we can arrange to have one sent from China. 


For customizations involving not only finishing but ocarina design (alternative fingerings, etc.), let me know what you're looking for. I'll have Bill get in touch with Song Wei and find out customizing costs, if any, as well as costs for shipping from China.


Start the process by emailing me and letting me know what ocarina you want and how you'd like it finished.


3) Glazing or Painting Your Ocarina. Do you currently own one of Song Wei's ocarinas or another ocarina brand that you'd like repainted or glazed? Ship it to me for resurfacing! Already glazed ocarinas cannot be resurfaced but I am able to refinish any ocarina previously painted and/or lacquered by first removing the existing finish. Contact me and we'll talk through the process.


4) Ocarina Repair.  Help, my ocarina did a swan dive onto the tile floor!

Don't despair just yet. If not too badly broken and, provided the voicing is not damaged, I may be able to repair it for you! Get in touch, preferably with pictures, and we'll discuss the possibilities. I have repaired some pretty massive shatters -- see the repairs section of my gallery.




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