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We do get notes from satisified customers once in a while, though I think most customers would rather be working out a new song than writing an email. So, many thanks to those who have taken the time to write!
     Below are unsolicited comments from customers, displayed with permission. Just to let you see what they're telling us privately about their ICO Bulls...
Double AF Extra (blue acrylic paint)
I have to tell you how much I really like the AF double ocarina that I purchased. It fits my hands, the chambers are well balanced, it's easy to play, just over all a quality instrument & I really enjoy playing it.
Kansas, U.S.A   2018-1-5



12-Hole AG

Woaw !!!

I received it this morning and I can't stop playing it. I'm impressed by the quality of this ocarina.

The higher and lower notes are so bright (it's the first ocarina that I own which can do that), the relative pitch between notes is more than perfect. Every single note is wonderful. The vibration is so touching and smooth. And there is no problem with the humidity, I can play a long time and the sound is still clear. It's certainly because of the purple clay. It's not my first 12 holes ocarina, but it's the first from ICO, and this time I have the feeling that I play on a real music instrument. I also love the sobriety and the beauty of the craft.

Please, tell all my gratitude to Song Wei.

Bouches du Rhone, France   2017-10-10




Triple BC (blue acrylic paint)

Hey Bill! How are you? 

I appreciate your humble nature and at the same time I feel that everyone involved is awesome and an integral part. :)

The triple bass arrived today and was waiting ever-patiently for me when I got home. It's fascinating to me thinking about the natural earthly ingredients from the ancient past which would eventually become the clay that was one day crafted into this completely awesome ocarina which then made it's way into my life! So thankful I stumbled upon ICO a mere handful of weeks ago!


As for the ocarina!! Absolutely impressed! It's the size I figured it would be though seeing and feeling this massive ocarina in person is another thing entirely!! So in awe of the craftsmanship, the solid weight, the shape and feel, everything about this instrument is beautiful! The deep tones of this bass are so fantastic!

Thanks again for all your help! Very excited and aim to do business with ICO againsmiley !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!  Kind regards,

Ontario, Canada   2017-7-6


Double AC Mini
[requested higher breath]


it is very GOOD!!!!!

i like it!!!

Yeongnam Region, South Korea  2017-5-29


Triple AF

[customized with higher breath]
Hi, bill!
Today I got ICO TAF ocarina safely. The sound of my ocarina is excellent and satisfactory.

I am appreciated to make my ocarina well. Someday I will buy another your ocarina, triple base ocarina.

See you, bill.
Seoul, South Korea   2017-4-4


Triple AG Extended Range

[customized with Osawa fingering]

Hi Bill,

I wanted to send a follow up now that I've gotten to play the ocarina more. I'm really enjoying it. The sound is great. The breath pressure overall is just how I wanted it, close enough to my regular single chamber that I was able to start playing in tune quickly. Additionally, I'm really happy with how the breath slope is between the first and second chamber. It makes switching between the two chambers very easy. Thanks again.


New York State, U.S.A.  2017-4-2



Quad AE

Received the Ocarina today and it's so beautiful in both aesthetics and sound. heart
Thanks for making me this Quad and i would love to leave a review.

Best Regards

Dalarna, Sweden   2017-3-28






11-Hole Contrabass

Hi, i bought one of your Contrabass Ocarinas maybe 2 years ago. I just wanted to say it's the best Ocarina i have ever owned and i wanted to thank you for such a great instrument. Hava a good day.
Dalarna, Sweden  2017-2-7


12-Hole AG

Hello Bill, I would like to let you know that I received my Ocarina and I LOVE it, I will be buying from you in the near future and I will also be recommending ICO to other People as well! Thank you and Song Wei for everything!
Florida, U.S.A.  2017-2-3



12-Hole BC, painted silver with gold trim

I recently purchased a bass ocarina as a Christmas present for myself. Everything about this ocarina is perfect! The silver and gold finish is beautiful and the sound is so resonant, it vibrates through the entire room. Shipping was safe and extremely quick. I still can't believe the low pricetag! I will definitely be ordering another ocarina in the near future, and I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful customer experience.
Arizona, U.S.A.  2016-12-26


Oak Leaf Triple AC

Hello! I ordered a Triple Chamber Alto C ocarina recently. I've had it for a couple weeks now and I absolutely love it! I was very pleased with the tone, chamber balance, appearance, and everything else about it. I also think the blue case was a nice touch. I just wanted to thank Song Wei and all of you at imperial city ocarina for an amazing product. I will definitely be purchasing another ocarina from you in the future. Thanks again!
Louisiana, U.S.A.   2016-10-30

Double AC Mini

My ocarina arrived today, i tried it a bit and i really like his tone! Thank you and Song Wei for your work! I enjoy the little size but the strong sound and the little pocket that came with the ocarina.

Best regards,

Île-de-France, France   2016-9-18



Triple BC

My Triple BC ocarina arrived today, and I can’t say how pleased I am with its quality and how it plays. The instrument speaks easily and responsively through its entire range, from the lowest to highest notes. There is no issue reaching the notes below middle C, where some ocarinas can struggle. All of the notes through the range have a warm and mellow sound, with a nice almost “woodiness” that adds a great character to music played on it. The balance between the chambers is perfect with almost no discernable breath difference required when moving from the “top” of one chamber to the “bottom” of the next. The ocarina’s craftsmanship is evident – instead of looking like a mass-produced item, this is truly an individually-crafted work of art. The unglazed finish actually adds to the appeal to me, because it keeps it feeling authentic and hand-crafted, while at the same time making gripping it quite easy. With a large and heavy instrument, every little bit helps in giving piece of mind to the player. I find that the unglazed mouthpiece area actually makes the chamber switching easier. Even the case is perfectly matched to the instrument and makes me feel comfortable storing it away safely. This is my first experience with ICO, but I can promise it won’t be my last. Mr. Song Wei certainly deserves praise for this ocarina!
Florida, U.S.A.   2016-6-26


Quadruple BC and Contrabass
Hi Bill,
The ocarinas arrived today, and I wanted to say that I am very impressed! I've played several multi-chamber ocarinas, and the Quad BC beats them all. The chamber balance is top notch (it really does sound like the same instrument), the breath slope is gentle and intuitive, and the sub-holes are responsive. The Contrabass is warm, rich and mellow, and I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to play the upper range of the instrument without any squeaking or airiness.
The purple clay has a soulful sound, and the ocarinas feel secure in my grasp; with the unglazed finish, they feel almost like they "stick" to my hands. This is definitely appreciated as glazed ocarinas have caused my hands to sweat, making them difficult to hang onto.
I really enjoy the acrylic finish, and the varnish on the mouthpiece is helpful.
Thanks again for the excellent product and service, and please send my regards to Song Wei!
California, U.S.A.   2015-12-22


12-Hole BC

[custom, Japanese fingering including split right-hand pinky hole, tuned for low breath]


Hi Bill,
Just wanted to say that I received in good condition the custom 12 hole BC with Japanese sub-holes and split pinkie hole. I'm very pleased with it. It makes a nice pair with my Cataldi AC. I was pleasantly surprised how light it is for a BC. The ergonomics are good (I like the rounded body on the right hand) and the breath level and volume as well. And the clay workmanship looks really nice and smooth. Thanks much, again, to you and Song Wei.

Virgina, U.S.A.  2015-12-07



Triple AC

Bill, I've been practicing all afternoon and I have to say my new Imperial City triple sounds better than any of my ceramic ocarinas. I'm very impressed. It's making wonderful music for me and if I like it this much by the end of the holidays I'll probably buy another from you.

You were right. I just needed to be patient and get used to the instrument.

Thanks again,

Georgia, U.S.A.   2015-12-03



Triple AG


I got the ocarina this week and have spent the last couple of days playing with it.  It is a superb instrument.  I can honestly say that if I could make a multi-chamber this good I would be very happy.  The breath requirements are just right, the breath slope is spot on, and the breath balance between chambers is perfectly aligned.  The sound is full and clear, with just a little of that nice warm texture.  The improvements in craftsmanship over the first ones from ICO a few years ago are clearly evident.  The rough edges and tool marks in the clay are gone, it now looks very clean and professional.  The slimmer mouthpiece is much more comfortable to play, and the lighter weight is much easier to handle.  You did a great job in picking this one out, and Song Wei should be proud, he's definitely earned that "Master Craftsman" title with work like this.  It may well be the best multi-chamber in my whole collection.

Richard Hamlett, Hamlett Ocarinas, South Carolina, U.S.A.  2015-8-21



12-Hole AG

Just wanted to let you know that I like the ocarina. It will help save my hearing when I play in the car (vs an alto C). Also, I found out that the padded case actually works since I accidentally dropped it on the asphalt today; no harm done :) though hopefully I don't do that again...

Have a great week!

Virginia, U.S.A.  2015-7-20



Triple BC

[Custom ocarina, no left-hand pinky hole]

Dear Mr. Song Wei, I am astounded at the sound of my Triple Bass Extended Range. The sound is powerful and not low volume (barely able to hear), instead it is deep rich resonating bass. I can feel the vibrations from it. It fills the room with sound, pure clean and sweet. I was concerned about the weight but it is shaped so well, the weight didn't bother me at all, even with my bad wrists. (I had a bass ocarina once from another company that was so beautiful on the outside but there was hardly a sound made when it was blown.) This ocarina "blows me away." Perfect. And I love the extended extra note range. It makes it a perfect match for my other ocarina that you made for me. No pinky hole is sweet! Thank you for the extra pains you took making the special order and making it so well. It is Exactly what I wanted and needed. And Thank you Bill for all the little extras in dealing with me in such an understanding and helpful way. I can't say enough so I guess I will just shut-up and go play my new instrument. With love and respect for the maker and staff,

New York state, U.S.A.   2015-4-26



Triple BC

[Custom low breath for a quieter ocarina to avoid disturbing neighbors. The low C4 was pitched at a comfortable breath pressure and then the breath slope was maintained nearly flat all the way up through the range.]

The ocarina has arrived safe and sound. Have many thanks for your and Mr. Song's excellent work. I like this instrument a lot. It is quiet as i have it requested and sounds in good intonation too. Also it looks nice. Especially the playability and balance of the two other chambers is very good indeed. Much better as my Focalink double. So i'm happy with it. Best regards and warm thanks to you and Mr. Song,

Berlin, Germany   2015-4-21



Double AC Mini

Hiya Bill, 

My ocarina arrived today!!! OMG it's amazing!! I'm so in love with it :-)  It has a beautiful tone, every note was perfect even for a very new ocarina player like me! I was slightly worried about breath pressure and changing chambers as this is my first double ocarina but i can already see that this is going to be a lot easier than i expected! The acrylic finish is gorgeous, it looks and sounds beautiful, I'm so pleased with it! It's the perfect size too and so light, lighter than my old 12 hole, thank you and Song Wei so much, your customer service is second to none and I've really enjoyed talking to you :-)  I will most deff be back for another, maybe the bass or maybe a triple with the lower sub holes you mentioned :-) Thank you once again, I'm a very happy customer!



Follow-up comment...

i have spent many hours today playing and still can't believe how fantastic it is! I can play a lot faster than I could on my 12 holes due to the finger spacing just being completely natural. i haven't missed a hole yet :-) thank you!

Staffordshire, England   2015-4-18



Double AC Mini

I wanted to take the time to give a special thanks to Imperial City Ocarina. I have recently bought a second mini double AC to travel with. I own several different manufacturers of high end ocarinas and yours are the ones I play almost exclusively. I would also like to add that the quality and consistency of your instruments is amazing now that I have two of the same model to compare. Thank you for your artisanship Song Wei!

Illinois, U.S.A.   2015-4-14



Double AC

[custom, no left pinky hole, finished with acrylic varnish]

Dear ICO, Mr. Song Wei, and Mr. Bill:

My ICO Bull Double AC arrived packaged well and in record time. This ocarina is a work of art. It feels balanced in my hand and the lines on it are magnificent. The airways have room and placed in such a way as to make transition from one to the other effortless. The pinky hole on the left hand side eliminated the other holes placed perfectly with ergonomic perfection.
The acrylic finish is shiny and smooth (but not slippery) making the instrument secure in my grasp without any grainy feel to it at all. Instead, it has an earthen feel that gives it a sense of an ancient instrument of beauty and quality. It is almost as if the history of the ocarina was crafted into this magnificent instrument.

The tuning was accurate and I am very satisfied. Already making up my mind which of the same line of ocarinas will be next on my purchase request. Thank you to the master craftsman and to his rep, Mr. Bill. I highly recommend this purchase to anyone.  Sincerely,

New York State, U.S.A.   2014-12-27



Triple BC Extended Range


Just wanted to let you know that my ocarina arrived today, safe and sound. It's beautiful and wondrous! I haven't had a chance to play it much yet, but it sounds great. This is a very, very special thing, and I appreciate it very much. 

Thank you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,


West Virginia, U.S.A.   2014-11-25



Triple BC

[custom, 2nd chamber B5/C6 hole moved to back side]

I'd like to say a big thank you and Mr. Song Wei for the custom order of my Triple Bass C with Japanese fingering on the second chamber. The sound quality is well-balanced between three chambers, and I really enjoy playing it. Again, thank you for your patience for listening to what I need.

Best regards,

British Columbia, Canada   2014-11-18



Oak Leaf Triple AC


The ocarina came today and the sound is incredible.  This is an amazing instrument and the feel is very intuitive and easy to play.

Thank you,

California, U.S.A.   2014-10-23


Follow-up comment...


It's been about 6 weeks and I like the oak leaf triple more as I use it more. It is now my primary ocarina and I love the continuity in the chambers and the mellow sound.  I highly recommend Imperial City ocarinas for anyone looking to up their music ability.




Double Alto Key of C

Xun Alto Key of C

Bonjour Bill

I chose today, June 21 world Day of music to write to you. I am very Happy with my purchases at Imperial City Ocarina.

The sound of my xun is soft and mysterious, ideal for meditation and my ocarina has a wonderful sound and notes are also very accurate.

In addition both are very beautiful. it's a pleasure to play !!!

Thank you to mister Song Wei and thank you Bill for your kindness.

I talk about you to my friends.

Lorraine, France   2014-6-21



12-Hole Bass Key of C

[special ordered with no cordhole]

Hi once again, Bill!

I just wanted to say thanks so much for your help getting the custom bass ocarina to me in such a convenient manner. I received it a week ago and have absolutely not been able to put it down! I don't have a single complaint, and you have been unbelievably helpful. Thank you so much!

New York, U.S.A.  2014-6-6



Xun Contrabass Key of G

[custom order]


I received the contra bass xun, WOW it is really nice! Sounds great!

Please thank Song Wei for taking the time to custom make this for me. He is truly a master at his craft.

It is an honor to play such a magnificently crafted instrument, and I must say the customer service you provided was excellent.

Thank you- thank you- thank you!

California, U.S.A.  2014-5-31





Triple Bass Extended Range Key of C


I just received my triple bass extended range ocarina today and I love it! It arrived three days after I ordered, and it's everything I hoped it would be. When I first found your website, I assumed these products sounded too good to be true. But this is the real deal! I can't believe how beautiful this instrument sounds, regardless of price. Considering the value and quality Imperial City offers its customers, this is beyond a doubt the best website for ocarina enthusiasts imaginable. Song Wei is making the world of the ocarina accessible to everyone, and everyone from newcomers to experienced players should check out this site!

Wisconsin, U.S.A.  2014-5-23




Bass Xun Key of G


I got the bass g xun, I love this instrument! It has concert pitch and intonation, and a very unusual warm tone.

It is a bit challenging to play the last few hi notes but I will get it with a little more practice.

Thanks much for a very professional musical instrument!

California, U.S.A.  2014-4-9



Triple Bass Key of C


I just got your triple bass, and I love the sound!

I’d like to get your double bass when it comes into stock....


Thanks for the beautiful triple,

Ohio, U.S.A.   2014-3-8




Triple Alto Exended Range Key of G

Hello Bill,

I received my ocarina today, and I am absolutely thrilled! It's nowhere near as quiet as I thought it would be.
The chamber balance is perfect to my ears, and the wind ways are nicely spaced as well, and did I say I loved the sound? Well, it has a beautiful tone throughout!

I'm only sending a message now because it's getting late and I can't play anymore ^^
Again, my thanks to Mr Song Wei, and yourself, Bill.

I will be shopping at ICO again!

Best regards,

Florida, U.S.A.   2014-3-1




Triple Bass Key of C

Hi Bill,

I can't help it but to let you know how amazing I find this ocarina!

At first I didn't really dare to order since the other triple bass ocarinas that I found were all over $600, so I couldn't believe that yours would play as nicely.

But in one word, WOW! I've gotten used to the breath pressure needed to play each note on every chamber. At first the chambers didn't sound balanced because I couldn't find the right pressure when switching to the 2nd chamber.

Now it sounds amazing! The balance between the chambers is just right and I've never had it as easy as with my triple bass to play the highest notes on the 1st chamber so clearly. From the moment I got used to it I haven't played my other ocarinas, because this one is just way too nice to play! 

You can be sure that when I want to buy a new one you'll be the first I contact! And of course, when I know someone is looking for a nice ocarina, your site is the first one they will get from me!

Keep up the amazing work with these ocarinas and thanks for all the help and customer service, best I've ever gotten!

Flemish Brabant, Belgium   2014-1-30




Double Soprano Key of G

Beautiful! It has a very comfortable breath slope. The chamber balance is very good too! And it is super light and cute! It's a little lower breath than I'm used to but when I switch to the lowest note on the second chamber the volume doesn't increase dramatically (which is the issue I have with my focalink DAC). It sounds sweet and mellow, once it's warmed up the tone quality is very nice. I am definitely going to get a few more from ICO in the future, I am very impressed with this little thing!

Indiana, U.S.A.   2013-9-7



Quadruple Bass Key of C

[special order with 2 additional subholes to provide G# and G as the lowest notes]

Hi Bill,

I just got my ocarina and I am amazed by its sound. This quadruple has the highest range of any ocarina I know and nonetheless it remains easy to play. The sound is earthy and thus appears to sound deeper than it is, which I like pretty much. The breath requirement is low, but very comfortable and also well balanced between the chambers. Last but not least I LOVE its look, because the clay is still visible (and perceptible) all over, giving the ocarina a unique appearance matching the natural, earthy sound. I'm just content, nothing but content.

Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany   2013-8-3





Triple Bass Key of C

I wanted to thank you for the triple BC ocarina I purchased from you. 

My ocarina arrived a week ago, and I have not been able to put it down.  I own over 100 ocarinas, and many multi-chamber ocarinas, but this one is consuming all of my time.  I love this ocarina.  The sound, the chamber balance, and the ease of covering each hole is wonderful. 

I have been telling all of my friends about this great ocarina that I bought from you.  ...I have already spread the news there [on The Ocarina Network] about your excellent BC triple.  I am not writing to ask for anything, but just to say, "Thank you" for making me such a great instrument.  I love the sound and ease with which I can play this ocarina.  I will be purchasing more ocarinas very soon.  I wish you great success with your business.

Your friend,

Florida, U.S.A.   2013-7-3



Double Soprano Key of G

The DSG is a wonderful little ocarina with a range that is perfect for me.

I find the size of  the DSG easier and more enjoyable to play than a standard size double. 

The tone is very nice, which in my opinion, makes songs sound even better.

It has easily become one of my favorite ocarinas!

Thank you

Florida, U.S.A.   2013-6-20



Double Alto Mini Key of C

Hi Bill,

Just letting you know that the DAC mini I ordered has arrived safely. I really love it. It's a wonderful instrument, and everything I had hoped it would be. I'm sure I'll be a returning customer some day. My thanks to you - and to Song Wei, of course!

Warm regards,

Victoria, Australia   2013-5-27







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