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Taobao Agent

Contemplating a Taobao purchase? is loaded with ocarinas, other instruments, and everything else imaginable. But shoppers from outside China face two potential obstacles on Taobao:  Chinese language and the inability of most Taobao sellers to accept credit cards and other payment sources from outside China.


Clearing the Taobao Hurdle

Let Libby be your Taobao agent on behalf of ICO! She is a Shenyang resident and a long-time personal and trusted friend of Bill with ICO. She and her husband run a small-package shipping business handling dozens of packages each day from Shenyang. They are familiar with and have discount accounts with reliable shippers, giving you safe and economical shipping to your country. And, of course, she speaks good English and will be able to answer any questions you may have about the site/product/seller you've selected as well as provide you with full cost info before you make a purchase.

Beyond Just Ocarinas

Libby will assist you with anything on Taobao, provided it's not too large to handle and there are no restrictions on international shipping.



Libby's Agent Fee


 U.S. Paypal/Credit Card Customers            Non-U.S. Paypal/Credit Card Customers




















The ordering process...


1. Contact Libby at, telling her you're interested in ordering.        Include the following:

  • Your name
  • Link(s) to the Taobao product(s) you're interested in. Indicate quantity.
  • The country where your shipment will be sent.


2. Libby will contact the seller and then email you the following:

  • Itemized costs for goods and shipping options.
  • If the seller is able to ship directly to you, you'll be given those costs as well.


3. You email Libby, telling her your preferences. If the seller is able to ship directly to your          country and you take that option, then your Taobao agent fee will be reduced  to the          following percentages:


 U.S. Paypal/Credit Card Customers            Non-U.S. Paypal/Credit Card Customers






















4. Libby sets up a place on the ICO website where you can place your order, emailing you          the details.


5. You place your order using the normal Paypal/Credit card system used on this website.


6. Libby receives your order and sees that you get your stuff, sending you a tracking code.



Our Service... What We Can and Cannot Do

Libby or ICO cannot be responsible for ensuring quality on anything you purchase on Taobao. Our role is primarily in making sure that you receive the item(s) you've ordered. However, we do more than just receive an item from the seller and kick it back out the door to you! Libby is not only your go-between but also your advocate with the seller. She will ensure that the item(s) is undamaged when she sends it out to you. If it comes to us from the seller damaged or with anything else not as advertised by the seller, then she'll not forward to you as is but will first straighten things out, including arranging an exchange or a return when necessary. We will also assist in any way we can in resolving cases of undelivered packages or items that are damaged when you receive them. Beyond this, the buyer must assume full risk. Please know that Taobao sellers will accept returns, but only within 7 days!  This leaves Libby time to return an item while it's still in China, but no where near enough time for you to return the item from a country outside China.


Successful Taobao Experiences

Below is the beginning of a (growing) list of Taobao links for ocarina and xun products that our customers have ordered and been happy with. We make this list available only as a guide, hopefully to reduce the risk in Taobao shopping. The list in no way constitutes an endorsement or promotion of these products or their Taobao sellers by Libby or ICO. ICO has no special relationship with any of these sellers.


Ray Ocarina Shop, June 2017

12-hole AC, Ray, June 2017

12-hole SF, Ray, June 2017

12-Hole AG, Hong Xiao, May 2017

12-Hole AF, Jiegle, August 2017



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