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Mischievous Clay


Product information

Mischievous Clay

Translated from the Chinese title 淘气的陶器

Alto 12-hole ocarina in C; song played in C


[The title in Chinese is a fun play on words. The first two characters mean mischievously playful, the wild and free-spirited play of children, and are pronounced táo qì. The last two characters are pronounced exactly the same and carry the meaning of a porcelain vessel or utensil.]


From the album cover:

When the children of two neighboring families get together, we can expect there to be much lively fun and frolic. But when the ocarina meets the udu (a clay percussion instrument), everybody wonders what will happen!


Listen to a sample clip


Notice to customers:

Guo Yang requests that tracks from Mischievous Clay NOT be posted as is to Youtube or other similar video or audio sites, either with or without added video, photos, or other graphics. Thank you for honoring the wishes of the artist regarding this original copyrighted material.


However, customers may feel free to use any of these tracks to produce their own ocarina cover and post on Youtube or similar sites. The 5 "accompaniment" tracks are provided for this express purpose.


Product code: MISZOKN234


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