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Oak Leaf Alto Triple Chamber, Key of G, Purple/Red


Manufacturer: Imperial City Ocarina

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Product information

This particular ocarina has been sold. Contact us if interested in a similar ocarina shipped direct from China.


Pitch Range

Plays E4 to D7, fully chromatic

  • G Major basic scale of 21 notes (1 note short of 3 octaves)
  • 35 total notes when counting all sharps and flats


This ocarina has slightly different styling, including a different logo and alternative placement of the AG stamp. The ocarina was painted purple with a follow-up hint of metallic red, all acrylic. An final overcoat of varnish was applied for further protection.

Note: The second chamber B/C note is played by a thumbhole on the underside of the ocarina.


Size and Weight

Length: 17.5 cm (6.9")       Width: 12.5 cm (4.9")       Thickness: 5.2 cm (2.1")

Weight: 556 gm (1 lb, 4 oz)


Purple Clay

This instrument is hand-made from purple clay. Before Purchasing, please read more about purple clay in About Song Wei and His Products.



Purchase includes...

  • Adjustable length neck cord (shown in photographs)
  • Blue padded carrying case
  • Easy-to-follow fingering chart. Download below.


Download Alto Triple Key of G fingering chart (pdf)

Musical staff position as well as tonehole graphic for each note. Three pages, file size 0.745 MB.


Product code: 68AT03-NG-OL-PLRD


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