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Shipping and Returns

Fast Order Processing

Typically your order will leave our outlet the next business day after receipt of payment on an order. And we guarantee your shipment will be on its way within two business days unless some unusual and unavoidable complication arises in order processing. If an aspect of your order is unclear we will contact you promptly and do our best to avoid a processing delay.
Custom or other orders that are not in stock in our U.S. outlet and must be processed in China are an exception to the above. Normally processing for China orders include about 7 days for ocarina making, a day or two for tuning and surface treatment, and then shipping time from China which typically takes 7 to 12 days. In cases where we save our U.S. customers shipping costs by finding a carrier returning to the U.S., shipping time is less certain and depends on the availability of a carrier. Such special shipping arrangements are discussed via email with the customer.

Shipping Worldwide from the U.S. or from China


    From our U.S. outlet....

...To U.S. Addresses

Priority Mail, delivery within 2 to 3 days, package tracking provided.
Priority Mail Express, overnight delivery for most U.S. addresses, package tracking provided.
...To Addresses Outside the U.S.
Priority Mail Internationaldelivery within 8 to 12 days, package tracking provided.
First Class Package Internationaldelivery within 8 to 16 days. Recommended above the more expensive Priority Mail International except when delivery is urgent. Not available for some countries. Package tracking is provided but for only a limited number of countries.
Priority Mail Express International, delivery within 3 to 5 business days, package tracking provided.
  You can check shipping costs before placing an order.
Package weight and customer address affect shipping cost. To determine postage for shipping via our U.S. outlet, place the ocarina of interest into your shopping basket and proceed through Checkout as if intending to order. Enter shipping address information, select your preferred shipping option, and click "Update basket" to see your shipping cost. You'll not be billed at this stage!
     From China
China Postal Small Package Service, expected delivery between 7 and 12 days. Package tracking is NOT provided. 
China EMS, delivery within 6 to 10 days, package tracking. A service of the China postal system. Available for most but not all countries.
Shun Feng Express, a privately run and reliable delivery service.
Click here to download an Excel spreadsheet showing pricing details by ocarina product and country.
Arrange Shipping from China
If you wish to have your ocarina shipped from China, please inform us in an email before ordering. In the email, provide:
  • Country where the ocarina will be shipped
  • The ocarina(s) you wish to order
  • Your desired shipping service (consult Excel spreadsheet for details)
Your phone number is important! When shipping internationally from China, your phone number can sometimes be a critical piece of information ensuring successful delivery. Please supply real and current phone numbers! ICO DOES NOT distribute customer phone numbers to third parties and will not phone you unannounced unless necessary to fulfill your order.

Item Out of Stock

When an item shows as out of stock, we are currently sold out at our U.S. outlet. Please inquire if you are interested in having that item shipped directly from China.

Are There Other Shipping-Related Costs?

Please be aware that customs duties may sometimes apply when your shipping address is outside the U.S. ICO does not have information on each country's customs regulations.  We sympathize with difficulties, including extra charges, that our non-U.S. customers may face in receiving a package. However, we have no control over this and will not be able to help if you contact us for assistance in the event that your shipment is tied up in customs or is subject to additional charges. To know ahead of time what you may be facing in customs duties, please contact your country's customs officials before ordering.


In the event of damage during shipping, we ask that the customer notify us immediately (within 24 hours of delivery) by phone or email. We also ask that the damaged condition of the item and its packaging be documented by photographs that clearly identify the item, so as to avoid the necessity for return shipping. Email photographs to us as soon as possible. All parts should be retained until the matter is completely settled. Following documented breakage during shipping, unless the customer requests a change or cancellation in the order, a replacement shipment will be sent out promptly. If the customer indicates a desire to cancel the order, a full refund of the purchase price plus original shipping costs will be provided.
Return of an undamaged ocarina will be honored for 30 days after item delivery, provided the customer emails us before returning, explaining the reason. ICO will promptly refund purchase price plus original shipping costs plus one-half of the return shipping costs upon receipt of the returned undamaged item. For orders outside the U.S. and Canada, ICO will refund only the purchase price plus original shipping costs. Items should be returned in their original packaging. The customer is responsible to ensure that returned items are packaged adequately to prevent breakage during return shipping.
Custom orders (ocarinas made to customer specifications outside our normal product line) generally are non-returnable, assuming that ICO has in good faith met the requested specifications.



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